Who are we?

Insights Artist is an infographics design and publishing agency specializing in transforming complex data, concepts & stories into artistic and engaging visuals. We work with marketing and communications teams helping create visual content that engages more quickly and effectively with their audience. Our services range from data visualizations, infographics, content creation, social media stories, branding and powerful presentations.

Check out some examples below how we bring ideas and data to life or check out our services to see what we can offer you

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What do we do?


A range of creative infographics catering different industries, topics and styles

Data Visualizations

Bring your data to life through our data visualizations using Power BI, Tableau or infographics

Social Media Content

Engaging social media content & stories that can help you increase your brand’s reach and engagement

Content Creation

Quality well-researched content complemented with engaging visual and data stories

Presentation Designs

Powerful & creative slide designs to help you deliver your message effectively to your stakeholders

Annual Reports

Engage your audience and stakeholders with visually enriched annual reports