Infographics are a powerful medium to attract attention and summarize details. Here is an example of our work for one of our partner sites StudyNinja where we are experimenting the use of infographics to help HSC students study efficiently during COVID-19.

The Approach

Target or a goal is a very strong motivator for many people that drives learning and makes you do things you may think at one point you can’t do. For many people even when they know the target, lack of clarity of the pathway is a demotivator. StudyNinja is an online platform developed keeping in view these challenges from the perspective of HSC students. There are students who have both target and pathway clearly defined and want to get best possible grades while there are others to whom lack of clarity of pathway is a demotivator especially in subjects they don’t like. StudyNinja resources are created keeping these things in view to give clarity of path and motivation to students to do better.


Infographic above is for HSC Standard Maths taken from here. For students who don’t like studying Maths, this provides an approach to put a system in place as to where are the easy marks for them in each topic of the syllabus and what do they need to learn to answer them. As they do this, the idea is to increase clarity of the path, so they take next step of giving a go at preparing for harder questions. Check the video below, as an example, going through how not to miss out on easy exam marks.

For students who love the subject, this analytics-led learning provides an opportunity to think about the different ways tougher questions can be asked and what are the areas needing more focus. We are hoping infographics can bring efficiency and focus for students in their studies. This is still work in progress and we might share more updates in future posts.

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